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Invest in Property Portfolios
Managed by Professional Real Estate Agencies

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Explore geographically diverse investment opportunities.

RealtyBundles provides you with carefully selected real estate portfolios managed by expert real estate agencies. Portfolios can offer a reduced risk of loss
In a diversified portfolio the underperformance of any single asset is generally compensated for by the remaining assts in the portfolio.
, can offer competitive yields and create a hassle-free experience for investors.

Property Bundle Yields

We project around 30%
Average projected yields are for the next three years (Q1 2019 - Q1 2022) and are calculated based on past performance and market forecasts. Yields are after management fee and corporation tax.
average yields in 3 years across all Property Bundles derived from rental income, appreciation of property values, renovation and flipping gains, and purchasing assets below their market value. To achieve these gains, RealtyBundles supervises diverse offerings from competing real estate agencies across a range of locations.

Past performance and forecasts are not relaible indicators of future performance.

Invest today in Property Bundles!

View property bundles on map Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results

Seven Unique Service Advantages


We are a truly two-sided marketplace, connecting a range of agencies with a range of investors. We operate according to defined, concrete rules, and provide services to both sides of the marketplace in a transparent and non-conflicting manner (i.e. we don’t sell you our own assets).

Performance Gains

By investing in Property Bundles you can benefit from capital growth, rental yields, properties being purchased at below market value (BMV), renovation gains and flipping gains.


Property Bundles offers investors a wide choice of investments in relation to their location, type, size, and the agency involved, ensuring you can create a diversified portfolio.

Turn-key Ready Investment

Invest in Property Bundles and enjoy their benefits from day one. Property Bundles are typically formed of assets with existing, proven yields.

Easy Entry

You can invest with a very small amount of capital that will be affordable for almost everyone. Investing with RealtyBundles is easy, with everything done through one, simple online process.

Defined Exit

The Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) will find buyers for your shares in the secondary market, or it will buy back your shares at their market value (if needed, a property will be sold to free up cash). Investors can sell their shares after a minimum investment duration of 180 days. T&Cs apply.

No conflict of interest

We provide incentives to agencies to offer better deals to investors. Their compensation is linked to investors’ success. When investors earn more, so do the agencies.
Let's Get Started Easy entry, defined, flexible exit, and diversified assets.

How it works

1. Invest in Property Bundles

Invest from € 50 and enjoy a hassle-free, diversified investment portfolio with reduced risk
In a diversified portfolio the underperformance of any single asset is generally compensated for by the remaining assts in the portfolio.

2. Gain any returns and track your investments

The value of your investments will change according to the market valuations of Property Bundles.

3. Sell your investments

You can sell your investments free of charge at their market value.
The average selling time for investments is less than 10 working days. Learn more how it works
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