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About RealtyBundles

RealtyBundles provides a novel business model for real estate agencies and attractive investment opportunities for investors. Our service is built on the increasingly popular real estate crowdfunding model that enables low-amount investments by grouping together several investors.


RealtyBundles enables investors to diversify their investments through a new concept we refer to as “Property Bundles”.

The Property Bundles concept provides potential lower investment risks through diversification, as well as reduced costs and increased liquidity for the investors. Property Bundles are dynamic and are expected to grow and shrink on a demand basis.

Our innovative idea has clear benefits to all stakeholders involved. It was validated by our business partners already engaged with our platform, including: key real estate agency networks, smaller agencies and property management companies.

For small investors, who are interested in real estate investments, we are creating a global service, allowing them to diversify their investment portfolio anywhere on offer with just small amounts. We aim to become a pan-European real estate crowdfunding platform, by engaging local agencies and experts and creating a scalable system that once verified, we expect will be replicated throughout the whole of Europe and beyond.

RealtyBundles’ Service Model

RealtyBundles is creating a worldwide market place that connects investors with local real estate broker agencies, plus the broker agencies/middlemen are in a non-compete position for both parties. Therefore, our market place is seeking to create a network of agencies who together are working for the investors to create value, in a non-competitive manner.

RealtyBundles is a transparent service keeping investors fully informed, with no hidden numbers. RealtyBundles provides opportunities to investors to start and create their investment portfolio and collaborate with our network of agencies in a non-competitive, "win-win" environment.

As our partner agencies propose properties for the Bundles, the properties are first evaluated by certified real estate experts, then the best properties are published, bought and renovated. By investing in Property Bundles, RealtyBundles provide investors with reduced costs, diversification, and higher liquidity, with practically no hassle and lower investment risks.

The Investment Process

We aim to provide investors with high quality, low-risk investment opportunities in the European real estate market. Making an investment is as easy as possible, with low minimum investment amounts through a transparent, trusted online service. Investors can invest in as many Bundles as they wish.

When investing in a Property Bundle, investors decide on the number of shares to purchase. Each share has value based on certified external evaluations performed on a quarterly basis. If the share value increases, the investors make profits.

The collected rents together with additional investments are used for purchasing additional properties or for renovating existing properties.

Property Bundles can grow or shrink according to market trends. RealtyBundles provides the partnership management and seek to ensures that all properties are kept in good condition and are rented as high as they should be.