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How it works

WE ARE INTERMEDIARIES, WE DON’T SELL, WE HELP YOU TO INVEST. We have created a wide market place that connects investors with local real estate agencies. Our innovative idea has clear benefits for all stakeholders involved. For small investors, who are interested in real estate investments, we have created a service, allowing them to diversify their investment portfolio anywhere with small investments, by investing in groups of selected properties suggested and managed by trusted European real estate agencies. We aim to become the pan-European real estate crowdfunding platform by engaging local agencies and experts and creating a scalable system. Our network of real estate agencies works for the investors to create value, in a non-competitive manner.



How we create property bundle value

EARN FROM CAPITAL GROWTH AND RENTAL INCOME. To create value for each property bundle we carefully select properties for bundles to ensure that properties will be bought for good prices, in good locations and, can be rented for the best obtainable price thereafter.

We collect rental income from all the properties in a bundle and re-invest it into the property bundle providing higher yields for the investors. Net rental income is collected in property bundle cash on a monthly basis and used to renovate existing properties to increase their value. When there is enough money in property bundle cash value, we buy new properties for the property bundle to create additional value for shareholders. We hold a reserve of money in property bundle cash value to support the ongoing operations, maintenance activities and to support the selling orders of the investors.


How Bundle properties are selected

We Select Desirable Investment Markets
RB continuously analyzes the real estate market trends worldwide and selects attractive locations to seek profits for our investors. We analyze profitability of the markets in terms of yields and create high-quality partnerships to create the investment opportunities and high interest for our investors.
We Evaluate Property Value
When evaluating a property’s value prior to purchasing, RB engages external, trusted and certified expert groups. They evaluate the proposed properties, bringing their own knowledge of the area, the building conditions, and more.
We Select The Best Properties
RB have a defined property selection procedure and criteria for carefully selecting the properties for the property bundles. A large percentage of the proposed properties are declined and only the best in our opinion are selected; we always aim to have enough liquid cash to purchase the identified deals before others do, thus seeking to create great value for investors.


Services we provide to our investors

Real Estate Expert`s Support
The real estate experts collaborating with our service are external, certified individuals and companies. Their knowledge of local prices is essential to ensure properties are bought at bargain prices.
Quarterly Evaluation and Reporting
For evaluating a property’s value prior to purchasing and on an ongoing quarterly basis, RB engages with external, trusted and certified expert groups, who evaluate the proposed properties, bringing their own knowledge of the area, the building conditions, and more.
Management and Brokerage
In every real estate market and location, we engage trusted legal firms. Their role is to assist in and control the buying and selling of properties.
Letting and Management
We collaborate with trusted management agencies to provide quality day-to-day management of the properties.
Real Estate Agencies Support
Real estate agencies are key partners in our business model; their knowledge of local markets is priceless. They suggest the properties for the property bundles.
Investor`s Support
We provide our investor`s with an easy to use service. All operations can be done online in a few short steps. You can invest, manage your investments, enjoy the performance of your investment and make profits.