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The property market in Britain has long been considered one of the most established and secure investment options in Europe due to the country’s well-developed economic, industrial, financial and political systems. It is no wonder, then, that the UK boasts some of the highest-priced properties in the world (according to MoneyINC, London is...

Crowdfunding and traditional real estate investments are very different in their nature. While real estate crowdfunding pools several investors together to invest in one project, traditional real estate models usually leave a single investor to find the capital and bear the risks in full for this task. Let's try to compare these two fundamentally...

The French real estate market has shown relatively stable growth in house prices in 2018 and is keeping up positive trends. According to the Real Estate Market 2018 report from CBRE, French economic growth in 2018 has seen the most favourable performance since 2011. This is because of general economic improvement in Europe which positively...