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What are property bundles

The main innovative idea of RealtyBundles’ service is the concept of property bundles. Property bundles are a logical set of real estate assets, grouped together for the investors as a single investment package. Creating property bundles is one of the greatest added values of our service and, to our best knowledge, we are the first to provide such a vehicle for investment.

The real properties associated with a property bundle are owned by the SPV. When an Investor wishes to buy shares in a property bundle and invest money, the SPV issues ordinary shares to the investors.

The concept of property bundles provides potentially lower investment risks through diversification. It is also a dynamic investment, where properties are bought, renovated and sold at ideally a higher price, creating value for the investors. A property bundle can represent any group of real property assets of any combination.

Examples of real estate property bundles:

Regional property bundles: property bundles with well-defined geographical borders (a city district, or an entire city, country, group of countries, or the entire globe).
REA property bundles: property bundles that are associated to a single, specific REA agency
Property bundles can be big, with hundreds of properties to provide solidity to investors. They can be small to provide performance through risk. They could be diverse across countries and continents to provide stability against regional crises. Property bundles enable investors to better manage their risks and liquidity.

Property Bundles Benefits

Only evaluated, top properties are included within our property bundles

Property bundles reduce risks by avoiding single-property failures

Property bundles provide liquidity in investments allowing easy withdrawal or modification of investments

Based on market trends and investments, the property bundles dynamically grow and shrink